Wednesday, April 23, 2014

(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

Steven took these, lol.
A very messy homeschooling project, "magic mud."
When you touch it and move it around, it becomes solid. When you stop manipulating it, it turns into a liquid. We made it with cornstarch and tonic water, but I think you can make it with regular water... The tonic water just makes it glow under a black light.
Visits with Nene. :)
She brought many gifts...
But the best gift of all...
Was just getting to see her! :)
(If you didn't know, she's my mom and she lives 2 hours away.)
Someone's getting a mullet.
Kaylee and I colored this purse ourselves with markers.
My mom made this for me. <3
That shelf is what the kids love to try and jump off. -_-
She loves her Aunt Alysha!
The other day in the play room, Brynna was playing this kazoo, and I had a flashback to this...
Kaylee playing a special song for Brynna when she was still in my belly, on the same kazoo.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter! (Mommy & Me Monday)

I hope everyone who celebrates it had a great Easter! Despite me waking up with a migraine and Steven having to work for a few hours, we ended up having a good one. :) Brynna still has her peep that she wanted to cuddle instead of eat, lol.