Friday, July 18, 2014

Weekend No Rules Blog Hop #27

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Meet Julie!

No, we didn't get yet another pet, lol. Julie is Kaylee's new American Girl Doll! A little while back, I won a amazing giveaway for an American Girl Doll and full wardrobe, so we decided to take a day trip to go the nearest store and let Kaylee pick out her own doll. (I am super late getting this post up; we actually went back in March.)

Surprised and excited to get a bunch of beautiful new doll clothes in the mail.

After weeks of anticipation, and a long car ride, she finally gets to pick out her new doll friend!

The AGD store is such a magical place for a little girl who loves dolls.

Too excited to decide which one she wants, lol.

Finally made a decision.

She picked Julie, the doll from the 70s. She came with a book called 'Meet Julie' and we also got her pet bunny and some hair supplies.

She wanted to take her out of the box immediately, of course.

Very eager to get her new doll friend home and read all about her!

She wanted to change her into this outfit as soon as we left.

This outfit was part of the giveaway and was made by Eden Ava Couture. Kaylee said it made Julie look "sooo famous."

Julie's pet bunny, Nutmeg.

So cute.

Kaylee didn't understand why he would be named Nutmeg, since real nutmeg is apparently stinky and gross. xD

We read a couple chapters before bed and Kaylee hangs on every word. She loves that Julie has a history and personality and everything. We need to order the rest of the books asap though; I really don't want to read this one over and over, hahah. 

Watching a movie with Julie.  (Frozen, of course!)

We were trying to think of something special to cheer Kaylee up after she was in the hospital for meningitis, and getting Julie was just the thing! 

Kaylee loves dressing Julie up. She got so many outfits from this awesome giveaway that we had to get a wardrobe just for doll clothes! This beautiful outfit was made by xoxo Grandma.

These cute outfits were made by Amy from SewsNBows.

This creative no-sew outfit was made by Meatloaf and Melodrama.

These pretty crocheted accessories were made by Domestic Bliss Squared.

This fancy Christmas outfit was made by Tickies Treasures.

This cute dress was made by The Graceful Rose.

This elegant outfit was made by Doll It Up.

Kay LOVES these matching purses by Two It Yourself.

How cute is this ladybug costume by Laura Kelly's Inklings??

Not the best picture but this dress by Cat's Meow is georgous!

This bold and unique outfit was made by 2 Crochet Hooks.

This adorable outfit was made by Kemma Kids.

This super cute outfit (aside from the boots) was made by Pixie Dust Doll Clothes, and you can't tell from the pic but the skirt is sparkly. :)

I love this lacey dress by Domestic Bliss Squared.

Bee adores Julie too; I'm sure we will be getting her her very own American Girl once she is old enough!

This adorable outfit was made by Diana Rambles aka FreeStyleMama.

This dress was also made by the very talented Diana Rambles. :)

This whimsical tutu and fairy wings were made by The Tip Toe Fairy.

Lovingly tucked in with her 3 piece bedding set made by GiGi's Doll Creations.

And all the clothes came in this great tote bag made by Gina's Craft Corner.

If you know a little girl who is doll crazy, definitely keep an eye on Diana's blog for future giveaways!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wordless-ish Wednesday

So this it up late because Aries got sprayed with a skunk and we've been dealing with that. Our house was pretty much unlivable with the stench! It's actually still stuck in my airways, constantly making me nauseous. Hopefully that goes away soon! You can bet I'll be looking outside for skunks before I let the dogs out from now on!! Anyway, maybe tonight I can finally catch up with blog reading, I am so sorry that I haven't been replying or returning comments at all lately. :(

I spy a Molly!
Sleeping angels. <3
Back from our run!
The first train car was for humans, the second was for animals that live in a cold environment, the third was for animals that live in a warm environment.
Say hello to my new friends, Lorenzana and Tamara, lol.
I realized I never took pics of them in their 4th of July outfits!
Flashback to Kay at age 1 and a half. <3
Steven's co-worker heard Kaylee has nightmares and made her this beautiful dream catcher. :)