The Birth Story

On the 26th (Edit: according to my midwife, I was 42 weeks and 1 day), we went to the hospital to get a sonogram to see if we needed to induce labor yet. On the way, the car slipped on an icy overpass and we had a car accident! We smashed right through the guardrail and rolled about 3 times down a hill. It was all very surreal. We felt reeeally lucky afterward.

What our car did to the guard rail.

Our totaled car.

So, some nice people drive us to the hospital because the ambulance was taking a long time to come. I was worried that the seat belt could have hurt the baby, so I wanted to get her checked asap. They said she was fine but they would have to induce immediately. They started off with some gel to soften my cervix or something, whatever. I rested until night time. Everyone came to visit me.

In labor!

Late that night, I was having contractions, but they weren’t strong enough. Actually, I had contractions the entire last week I was pregnant. It was horrible because I kept thinking I was going into labor and made a bunch of false alarm calls to my midwife. -_- But anyway… They started me on a drug to make the contractions stronger. I was on that overnight. The contractions got more and more painful, and it turned out she was posterior (facing the wrong way) and it was causing back labor (when pressure is on your spine every time you have a contraction). IT REALLY SUCKED. I stuck it out all through the next day but then they said if I didn’t get some sleep I wouldn’t have the energy to push the baby out and I’d have to get a c-section. So I finally agreed to have an epidural. It was utterly gross and creepy feeling a needle being inserted along my spine, especially since I loathe needles to begin with. But after a few minutes, the whole ordeal was over. My entire body was numb from the waist down. I’ve never fallen asleep in so fast in my entire life.


I was too excited to sleep for long. After a nap, I woke up and had the nurses checking my dilation way more often than they wanted to, hahahah. Finally, at around 7:30 pm (Edit: I think it was more like 8pm), they said I was ready to push! I told them to turn down the epidural, but not turn it off. That way I’d be in a little pain but at least I could tell when to push. It was really weird having to have them tell me. I had planned on having a natural birth, but oh well, this was the closest I was going to get. Maybe some people can deal with the pain of back labor, but not me. >_<

Still in labor...

After what seemed like a zillion years of pushing, they told me her head was coming out. I reached down and felt it. It was squishy. xD Then a few more pushes and her shoulders were coming out, which was the most painful part, but it wasn’t too bad. Then she just slipped right out. Joanne (my midwife) and Steven (my husband) caught her. Then I got to hold her. She was slimy, and I was out of it either from losing blood or just from being in shock that I just actually had a baby. But it was still the best moment of my entire life. =) She was perfect. Healthy and alert, which they were surprised by, because a lot of babies born to mothers with epidurals are sluggish at first.

We're so happy to finally meet you!

Ready to go home from the hospital.

Birth announcement.

We stayed in the hospital a couple days, which are honestly a bit of a blur because I was getting over the drugs and sleep deprivation. But when we got to take her home, we were thrilled. Now she’s been home a little more than a month and we’re still thrilled. =) Exhausted! But happy.

Sleepy daddy!

My lil buggaboo.

Ready for my closeup!

Pick me up!


Alicia said…
that must have been so scary after rolling the car! She's beautiful :) Loved reading your birth story.

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