Brynn Quotes

2 Years Old

B: *yawns*
Me: “Are you getting sleepy?”
B: “No, I getting HAPPY!”

Me: “I’m making you some pizza for lunch.”
B: “Yay! I so happy at you!”

“Sissy’s friend is funny. A little bit funny.”

*starts going upstairs* “I nap. I be upstairs. Call me if you need me.”

"I finish lunch. I eat dinner now!"

Me: "Brynna, that was a little too loud."
B: "It's fortissimo!"

"Yesterday. I went to the doctor. I got medicine. I did not get a shot. Yesterday. I went to Chuck E Cheese. We eat pizza. We drink drinks. I played on a big, blinking doggie." - Singing to the tune of Yesterday by The Beatles


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