My Happily Ever After

I met Steven when I was 19 and he was 17, in an online game called Guild Wars.

My friend was chatting with people and wanted me to come meet him. Along with my friend's new boyfriend, we all started hanging out a lot in the game, and helped eachother out with quests and stuff while chatting.

Steven and I hit it off so well, we just couldn't stop talking. We mostly talked about our pets at first, because we both love animals. Then we just talked about anything and everything. I really liked that he had good vocabulary and grammar... Yes, that is one of my biggest turn-ons, LOL. Also, I loved that he did not hit on me or say anything perverted.

Before I met him, I honestly had a vision of remaining single my whole life and adopting kids through the foster system. I had one relationship before and at the end of it, I had vowed never to fall for anyone again. But after just a week, we told eachother we liked eachother. We were texting nonstop, but tried to keep it casual until we met in real life.

A couple months later, we (finally) met for real, in person. (At a Waffle House, with our moms there!!) We quickly became serious after that (we said "I love you" a million times a day, lol). We missed eachother terribly and were only able to see eachother once a month at most, since he lived 2 hours away from me.

It was rough, there were times it just hurt too bad and I would plan on breaking up, since I was convinced it wouldn't work out and we'd never actually be able to be together. But then every time we talked, he'd make me feel like we were meant to be and we'd work things out somehow.

So we kept up the long distance thing, and then exactly a year from when we met (literally, to the week), we got pregnant! I did not think it was a possibility, for many reasons (but I will spare you the details), so we didn't find out for a few months.

When I was about 3 months pregnant, I finally suspected something and took a test.


I was excited but also shocked and terrified. I was 20 and had no job or health insurance. My boyfriend was 2 hours away, had no job or health insurance, and was 18! I thought I was going to be a young, single mother. But still, I loved my baby instantly, and I knew she was meant to be. I knew there was no way I was giving her up, and I'd just have to work things out somehow. (And yes, I knew she was a girl immediately. I just had a strong feeling.)

When I told Steven, he took it very well. He said he would work on getting his license and his own car, then he would move in with me and get a job. I was so happy that he said that, but had no idea when he'd actually be able to move in with me. I thought it might be after the baby was born, and worried that it wouldn't actually ever happen.

I spent my pregnancy reading about everything pregnancy, babies, and parenting. I knew I had to get my act together. I started taking care of myself better, doing what I needed to do to get health insurance, and getting prenatal care. My mother and grandmother were my help and support. Steven did the best he could by calling me every night and reassuring me that things would turn out ok.

When I was 20 weeks, I went to make sure the baby was healthy. My mom and Steven were there. I still remember how amazing it was to see tiny Kaylee, wiggling on the computer screen. When the tech told us it was a girl, my mom screamed with excitement, lol. I still have the ultrasound picture that the tech gave me when she was done with the ultrasound.

Steven was finally able to move with me (and my family) when I was about 5 and a half months pregnant. Luckily, he was able to get a job pretty much as soon as he moved in. We got engaged (no big story, we both just really wanted to be married before the baby came). We were SO happy to be living together. I remember missing him so much while he was at work, lol.

He was just so supportive, I can't even explain it. I have Bi-polar, so with pregnancy hormones, I was beyond moody. He was always SO patient and sweet. He even cooked for me, and hounded me to eat enough iron, because I was slightly anemic. I remember he always wanted to hear the weekly pregnancy updates, and we'd read them together. He made sure to go to every single prenatal appointment.

Let me explain real quick that I never had a father figure in my life. I always had serious doubts that fathers had any paternal instincts at all. I just felt like even good fathers were nothing compared to mothers, and no man could ever begin to understand the maternal love. But Steven was slowly changing my outlook. He made it clear that he loved our daughter just as much as me, and that he wanted to be just as involved in raising her as me. I was so so happy, but I was afraid to believe it could be true, that we could be a real family. I never had that growing up, and I never missed it, but suddenly I wanted more than anything to give that to my own child.

When I was 7 months pregnant, we went to the court house and got married! I am so sorry we didn't take pictures of it, but I felt bloated and gross so I didn't see the point in taking pictures at the time. My grandma was there as our witness, and she took us out to IHOP afterward. It doesn't sound like it was very special, but it felt perfect. I loved the feeling of officially belonging to eachother. ♥

I remember being so in love and so happy (when I wasn't randomly freaking out, lol). I wasn't afraid of labor at all. I was just so excited to have a baby to love and cuddle. I couldn't wait to be a family. I was obsessed with planning everything, and I did tons of reading so I would be sure to be as prepared as possible. I was so determined to be a good mom and still be a good wife.

The last weeks of the pregnancy went by soooooo slowly. My due date came and went. At 42 weeks, we went to the hospital to check on her fluids and size and everything to decide if we would induce labor. (As impatient as I was to meet her, I didn't want an induction unless medically necessary.)

On the way to the hospital, we slipped on black ice. We crashed through the guard rail and rolled down a hill. A tree stopped our car from rolling right into another part of the highway where we would have surely caused a terrible accident. When we were rolling, I reached out to Steven, held onto him, and yelled that it was going to be ok. I don't know why I did that, I don't even remember doing it. But he later told me that I did.

Thankfully, we were fine, other than a few small cuts and bruises. Our car was totaled and as we waited for an ambulance to come take us to the hospital, we just felt very lucky to be both be alive. I was worried about Kaylee, but tried to reassure Steven and myself that she was moving around so that meant she was fine.

Someone stopped to see if we were ok, and offered to take us to the hospital. The ambulance was taking a long time, so we gratefully agreed. He turned out to be a former paramedic named Steven, oddly enough!

So we got to the hospital and I was put into labor & delivery. It was decided that they would induce immediately seeing as I was overdue and the baby had just been through a traumatic experience and might be injured. My labor lasted all night and all through the next day, and Kaylee finally made her appearance the next night at 8:59pm.

Steven was so nervous through the whole thing, he had a horrible upset stomach! He was trying his best to be supportive but he was literally in and out of the bathroom, ill, for most of the labor. I kept asking if he was ok and he kept asking if I was ok, lol! When it was time to push, though, he got it together. He actually caught her, with the assistance of the midwife. They handed her to me immediately. We were mostly staring at her, but someone caught this pic of us smiling at eachother, less than a minute after she was put onto my chest. (She's there in the pic, you just can't really see her.)

We were elated to finally meet our sweet, perfect little daughter! We couldn't stop staring at her. When we went home from the hospital, I remember being so exhausted, but so happy to be a family. Steven was such an amazing father, right from the start. I felt so lucky to have him. I remember falling in love with him every time I saw him taking care of Kaylee.

We never argued, and still don't really. He still puts up with my moody, Bi-polar self and manages to be patient 99% of the time. And believe me, I can get pretty crazy! But he usually manages to calm me down. I don't know what I would do without him.

I still fall in love with him all over again every time I see him playing with the kids. He is seriously the best dad ever. :) He even takes them both out to the park or to run errands by himself, which I think is pretty awesome!

I love how the more time passes, the closer we get. We are a pretty good parenting team now, if I do say so myself. Sometimes I feel like we can read eachothers' minds.

We don't get to spend time alone very often, but we usually try to at least watch tv or talk after the kids go to sleep. I love that time, because we reconnect, without the chaos of the kids and dogs and chores and everything. I love all that stuff, but sometimes it just needs to be the two of us. We may not be able to have date nights very often (we haven't had one since Brynna was born, lol) but we make time for eachother, and it works. :)

And there you have it, my happily ever after. So far, anyway! They're not gonna make a Disney movie about it, but to me, it's a perfect fairy tale. ♥


mail4rosey said…
I think it's a beautiful love story. :)

Black ice is scary. I've had two spin outs on it, and it makes me hate driving in the winter. I'm so glad you had a happy ending to that, and that someone came along to take you to the hospital!

You do have a nice family. :) And I love how grateful you are about everything nice your husband is and does, that is very sweet!!

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