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Pickles & Ice Cream! (all my weird pregnancy cravings)

HERE is my pregnancy diary that I wrote when I was pregnant with Kaylee.

Here are some of my favorite posts from when I was pregnant with Brynna...
Pregnancy announcement
The day I heard B's heartbeat for the first time
First ultrasound and gender announcement
My 20 week pregnancy update
My last update for my pregnancy
The post I wrote when I was in early labor
A summary of my pregnancy

Here is my attempt to look on the bright side and find the humor in pregnancy!
10 Things Guys Should Do When Their Wife Is Pregnant

Birth stories:
Brynna Rose
Kaylee Rebecca

HERE is one of the posts I wrote when I was TTC... I remember the feeling so clearly, and it makes me feel so lucky to have my rainbow baby now. :) If you are someone who has been TTC for a while and are thinking of giving up, don't! Keep trying, or pursue adoption, but don't give up on being a parent if that's what you truly want. It can be such an emotional roller coaster, but it will be so so worth it in the end!!

HERE are all my posts about my last miscarriage. I think the taboo on talking about miscarriages only hurts women and makes them feel alone and isolated. I chose to blog about my experience, so others know they are not alone, and to maybe help people feel less uncomfortable when someone they know is having or has had a miscarriage.

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