11 Months

We have been in the new house around 2 months now. It has been so amazing to finally have our own place. We don’t have all the furniture yet, but we feel much more like a real family. It has been so much easier for Kaylee to stay on a good schedule here. And she has the freedom to play all day in a baby-proofed living room. =)

Kaylee is 11 months old now. She has been cruising and able to walk holding onto our hands for a while now but just in the past week has made incredible progress with walking by herself. Every time she goes to take unsupported steps, we get all excited and watch. This is definitely the cutest stage yet! (Although we say that about every stage.) Today she walked across the room a few times, all by herself! Nothing melts your heart more than your child walking to you on wobbly legs with outstretched arms.

Kaylee has moved on from her clingy, nursing stage and is very outgoing now. She is friendly with everyone she meets, most of the time. She’ll give anyone a smile, a wave, and even stretch her arms out to be held. She is also eating more solid food. She eats anything I eat at this point. She has 4 teeth on top and 2 on the bottom which she manages to chew with. Baby food is a thing of the past. She still nurses quite a bit, though.

She is pretty good about sleeping through the night. She wakes up to nurse a couple times for a few minutes, then she goes back to bed. Sometimes I wish I could remember what an uninterupted night of sleep feels like, but for the most part, I don’t mind. I know there are health benefits and other benefits. I know I will miss our special bonding time once she is older, weaned, and sleeping through the whole night by herself.

Kaylee loves it when Nene (my mom) and Uncle Zekie (my brother) come to visit from next door. She gets very pathetic when they leave, crying and hitting the back door! Luckily, I can usually distract her with her glowworm, which is her new favorite toy and I think might become her special luvvie. She wouldn’t go to sleep without it the past couple days!

We spent Hanukkah with my family and Kaylee enjoyed seeing Geegee (my grandma) and Uncle Harry (my brother). She doesn’t get to see them too much since we moved here but she definitely remembers them. She got toys, clothes, and some other presents from my family.

We spent the last 2 weekends, including Christmas, in Delaware. Kaylee got a lot of presents and got to spend time with Daddy’s family. She loves her Mommom (my mother-in-law) and always wants to go to her!

I can’t believe Kaylee will be a year old in less than a month! I remember her birth like it was yesterday. I even remember being pregnant like it was yesterday! (Or maybe the day before, hahah.) Having her has changed me so much. She’s not only made me into an adult, but she’s just made me into a better person. I’m wiser, more forgiving, and more patient. She’s made me into a Mom. =) And I have watched Steven become a Dad, which has made me love him so much more. I really have to stop getting emotional at the end of every journal entry I write, hahah.


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