1 Year Old

Kaylee had her first birthday! We didn’t do a huge party, just a little family party for her and Harry, who’s birthday is a week before hers. (I remember I had a stomach flu on his birthday and thought it was labor. I joked I was going to give him a niece for his birthday, but then all I gave him was my flu.) My cousin Beverly, her son Gavin, our good family friend Laura, my grandma, my mom, and my brother Zeke came to the party. On the day of Kay’s actual birthday, we gave her a cupcake. She ate most of it and loved it. She was very hyper for a few hours, which was entertaining. We plan on taking her to the aquarium as a birthday adventure soon, but it has been snowing a lot lately, trapping us in the house a lot. We are actually having a blizzard watch right now.

Kaylee is an expert at walking and running now. She likes you to chase her while she runs away and screams with glee. If she hears music, she starts to dance. She does a bouncy dance, a dance where she waves her arms wildly, and then a slow hula sort of thing, hahah! She is always going, going, going. She plays with her toys by herself a lot but often brings someone a book and wants to be read to. She can point to a few things if you ask her to, like horse and dog. When she wants something, she points to it and says, “that!” She can say dada, mama, nene, ball, nurse, and tries to say other words. She jabbers in baby talk a lot. She likes to put on necklaces. We don’t know where she learned that because she doesn’t see anyone put on jewely. She still only has 6 teeth but has no problem eating most foods. She chews anything she can get her hands on and will sometimes bite people, which hurts! She is still nursing a lot but we’re in the process of weaning from her 3 or 4 night time nursings. We’re trying to get it down to one wake up a night by September because I plan on starting school.

She can sometimes be very mischievous. She steals things and runs away, screaming happily. She likes to throw things in the toilet, trash can, and dog water bowl. She recently took a night light out of the wall outlet and threw it in the toilet. I wondered why the toilet was glowing! We had to throw the night light away. She also has a strange sense of humor. She thinks coughing, sneezing, and sniffing her butt to check for poop are hilarious. She get very goofy when she’s overtired. She’s serious a lot of the time, though. She’s a thinker and is always studying what’s around her. She figures out things much faster than I think she will. If she get a new toy and I think it will take weeks for her to figure it out, she is usually making it do whatever it’s supposed to do within a few minutes. In that way, she takes after her daddy. =)

We are loving being parents more than ever. Her first birthday is a milestone for us just as much as it is for her. Having a toddler is much different from having an infant! We don’t think of her as a baby at all anymore; now she is a little girl! I love watching her grow from day to day but I also get nostalgic. I almost have Steven convinced that we should try for another one in 5 years or so. Kaylee would love a little sibling. She’s very social and a real share bear. She gives our dog Molly hugs and tries to share her food with her. The other day she saw a little girl her age and gave her a hug, then gave her a toy. It was adorable! The cutest thing is she has learned to give kisses. I don’t think there is anything sweeter in the world than a slobbery Kaylee kiss. ^_^


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