9 Months

Kaylee is nearly 9 months now. She is getting so big! She’s definitely becoming more of a person and a member of the family than just a baby. Her personality is blooming and we have so much fun watching her. Every day, she gets a little smarter, a little sweeter, a little stronger, a little cuter!

She spends her time crawling around, as fast as a rocket, trying to get  into mischief. She pulls herself up using tables, couches, or anything she can.  She’s starting to cruise and can walk while we’re holding her hands.

She loves eating by herself, rocking in the rocking chair, being sung to, and chewing on things. Peekaboo and Daddy throwing her up in the air makes her laugh. She doesn’t like being changed, being in the car seat, or anything that means she has to keep still! She gets bored easily and always needs something interesting to play with.

She has recently realized that she loves baths, which is a relief to me because I’ve had to shower with her since she was born. She is getting too heavy and wiggly for such a slippery task though! She sits in the bath with a bath seat now and splashes wildly, laughing at the water.

She is going through a bit of a clingy stage. She wants to me a lot and she wants extra nursing. She goes to Daddy, Nene and Mommom (her grandmas), Geegee (her great-grandma), and her Uncle Harry. She is usually shy with everyone else now though.

We’ve been living with my mother-in-law, Diane (Mommom) for a few weeks. Kaylee has known her since she was born but got to know her more. Now they really have a strong bond, so that is nice. I know they will miss each other now that we are moving in next door to my mom and her fiance, Dave. But at the same time, I know my mom (Nene) has missed Kaylee and will enjoy spending more time with her now.

She has regulated her sleep schedule for the most part. She sleeps from around 9pm to 9am. Then she has an approximately 2 hour nap around 1pm. Her parents like this schedule and we hope it sticks!

This month, Kaylee met her Auntie Heather, Uncle Marty, and cousin-friend, Dominic. They are not really related to her but they loved her. We hope to go out to lunch with them again, or maybe just hang out. =)
Also this month, Kaylee visited with her unofficial Godfather, Moe. He helped us move our stuff from DE to MD, which we really appreciate! We’ve only seen him a few times since Kay was born but hopefully he will come visit us in our new place.

We are really looking forward to this month. We’ll be settling into our own place, finally. Kaylee will have more quiet, stability, and routine. We think that will be really good for her. Plus, it will be a clean place where she can crawl around and learn to walk. We can’t wait to see her start walking! Also, this is her first Halloween and we got her an Eeyore costume which looks ADORABLE on her!

In conclusion… Steven and I are so thrilled to have Kaylee. We think we created the most beautiful thing on this earth. =) Before her, our lives were happy… But now they are AMAZING, even more of a gift, and even more filled with love. Now, our family is complete and our lives are perfect. She is the constant motivation to keep going. We know we can’t be lazy in life because we want a good life for her and we want to be good role models. So in a way, she has saved us and made us much better people. We thought we were ok before she was born but now we realize how empty it would be without her. She’s taught us the meaning of life and made us love each other even more. We can’t wait to continue our lives as parents!

Measurements: 8 months - 17 pounds 8 ounces and 27.5 inches.


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