7 Months

Kaylee is now 7 months old! Every month is new experience for us as parents. We’re learning as we go. Sometimes it’s challenging, but it’s fun, and we love watching her grow up. =)

This month, we started her on solids. She first tasted solids back when she was 5 months old or so, but she only really ate them for fun. Now, starting last week, she really needs them! Breastmilk doesn’t satisfy her at all anymore. Also, she has started biting me, so I’m eager to substitute feeding solids for nursing! We still can’t get her to take a bottle at all. Picky little princess!

In the past month, she has learned a bunch of new skills and improved on all of her old ones. She’s waving, crawling up on her hands and knees, pulling herself up into a standing position, picking up things with her thumb and pointer finger, and the list goes on! Watching her become such a little person is an indescribable feeling.

She has her first 2 teeth, which she loves to bite with. We think she is going to get another one soon or something, because she has had a light fever and been very clingy. She hasn’t really been sleeping through the night and she wants to be held and rocked a lot. I’m spending a lot of time in the rocking chair lately, and Steven spends a lot of time doing “Daddy dances.”

During the day, her teeth don’t seem to bother her much, and she is a cheery little girl. She likes spending time with her Mommy’s family here and we try to take her to see her Daddy’s family in Delaware every other weekend. We’re making sure Kaylee spends time with all of her family, so she grows up knowing them. This kid is SURROUNDED by love!

We are loving being parents and couldn’t imagine life without Kaylee now. We can’t remember what we did before her! We’re looking forward to the months and years to come. =D

Measurements: 8 months - 17 pounds 8 ounces and 27.5 inches.


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