Something You Never Want To Hear Your Kid Say...

"Mommy, there's poop everywhere!"

Yes, Aries had an accident in the night, and first thing in the morning, Kaylee stepped in it and tracked it all around the living room. So I put my glasses on and immediately gave her a bath, then put a movie on for her and told her not to get off the couch. I regret that I sounded grouchy to her but I JUST woke up and had to get straight to cleaning the entire carpet, which by the way we just shampooed the night before. -_-

Well, that was my morning. An hour later, I finally get to eat breakfast. My hands are raw from washing them so many times though... Okay life, obviously I can handle anything you throw at me! Now can you stop testing me for a while, please?

They look so innocent and adorable while asleep...


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