Amber and Hazelwood Jewelry

I've been on steroidal creams and tried every prescription out there for my eczema. I cut out an insane amount of things from my diet. Really, nothing helps. The only other thing that has really helped is ocean water.

I got the jewelry on I got a bracelet for myself and a necklace for Kaylee.

Here are the before pics of my eczema, taken June 3  (less than a month ago):

And after changing nothing in my routine but wearing the bracelet during the day, here are the after pics of the same areas:

As for Kaylee, I noticed the necklace seemed to help her drooling and teething discomfort, but as she refused to wear it after a few days, I can't really be sure if it was the necklace. I will try to get her to wear it again. Those 2 year molars take forever to come through, gosh!

Edit: Unfortunately, all of my blog pictures got deleted. I was able to restore most of them, but I did not have these backed up anyway. How dumb of me! But since my amber bracelet was chewed up by my dog, it is possible that my eczema will return. If that happens, I will order another bracelet, re-do this whole post, and link to it. If there is no link here, that means it didn't happen (yet). =) But yeah, listen. It really worked. It was practically a miracle! If you have eczema, you definitely need to get some amber and hazelwood jewelry!


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