Another thing I have become a believer about, besides amber and hazelwood jewelry, is chiropractic care. I have this recurring ear pain which I've had checked out by multiple doctors. One gave me nose spray and ear drops, one said to take allergy medicine regularly, and one diagnosed the correct problem, I think (some sort of pressure and/or draining problem in the eustachian tube), but said the only real treatment for it was pain killers or surgery. So I went to the chiropractor and they checked me out, adjusted me, and I literally felt relief IMMEDIATELY. Like seconds after the adjustment. The constant dull ache was gone and I haven't had what I think of as a horrible pain episode since then. It is expensive but now we all go for regular adjustments. It helps with Steven's back pain (he has a physical labor job) and it helps Kaylee's sleep patterns. It's great! If ONLY it was covered by our insurance! At least it is covered by Steven's.


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