I Know I'm Not Pregnant Yet...

(Well, I might be, I think I might have been ovulating yesterday and/or today ;) but yeah, I'm am already starting research on home birthing. And trying to break my husband into the idea! He's not completely opposed to the idea but he's going to need to have all his questions and worries addressed, which is fine. It's great, actually, the more we prepare, the better!

Absolutely no one is going to like it if we do choose to birth at home. But no one liked the birth center plan that we had with our daughter either. So, if they're going to disapprove anyway, we might as well go all the way, right? =D

In other news, I discovered a great, cheap summer fun idea. The sandbox was $6 something, the bag of sand was $6 something, and my daughter LOVES it. She will play in there by herself with shells, and she likes to "rescue" our feet from sinking in the "quicksand" hahaha.


I say do what's right for your family and ignore everyone else. You're the one birthing, right? =) I'm not pregnant with number two yet either but I've already started talking to my husband about different birthing options too.
Camilleta said…
Yeah, exactly!! Thanks for the support. =)

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