In Response To Comments Against Breastfeeding In Public...

I just need to rant. Because reading/hearing negative things about NIP makes me SO SO SO angry!

I have breastfed my daughter on airplanes, on a train, in Disney World, in Mexico, on the beach, at the pool, at the grocery store, at the mall, in a shoe store... The list goes on. I will feed her anywhere she is hungry. I can't stay in the house, or retreat to a dirty bathroom, or a cold/hot car, when she is hungry. That is not fair to either of us. And NO she would not accept a bottle. Breastfeeding is FEEDING OUR BABIES. Feeding our babies should be normal, accepted, and encouraged, no matter where the mother and baby are. Breastfeeding is a human rights issue! Don't mess with my rights as a human, please.

And I see boobs showing in many public places, have you ever walked through the mall and seen a freaking Victoria Secret with the giant images of women naked except for skimpy bras and panties????? Yeah, if you have a problem with boobs showing, go boycott a Victoria's Secret. Don't tell me not to feed my baby unless you wanna fight, cuz I'm ready, let's go! And just think about how sad of a world it is where the normal way of feeding a baby is not considered normal!

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