Life Is Changing For The Better =)


We got our credit card in the mail, so we can start building credit. (We don't have bad credit, we just don't have ANY credit.)

I am starting a martial arts class at the gym!

I'm doing my best to overcome my fear of driving and get my license.

We are just going to go out and buy a clothes dryer. We decided to stop waiting for Dave (my stepdad / our landlord) to get us one. He's obviously too busy with his new job to get it done. This will take a huge amount of stress off of me when I can do our laundry from home.


I am getting my tooth pulled and replaced with an implant. This will help me out a LOT because I have horrible recurring tooth aches. I'm talking worst pain I've ever experienced, including labor and broken arms.

I'm going to school full time in September.

Kaylee is starting daycare / an early learning program.


We are planning on moving out of this teeny tiny apartment into our own actual house! As soon as we build some credit and save up some money, we'll start looking. =)

I got Steven to say 'maybe' on the trying for another child within the next year!!!! This, more than anything, seems to help my persisting depression (worse than usual lately). I have always had the strong desire for Kaylee to grow up with a sibling. I know it will be challenging, but I also know we can make it work!


What kind of martial arts are you starting? I used to train kung fu and really loved it. I miss it a lot.
Camilleta said…
I used to take Taekwondo and I loved it. I just got my green belt when life got crazy and I quit. (I don't know what kung fu belts are like but in taekwondo that's the 4th belt.) I don't know exactly what type of martial arts class I'm starting now. It is offered at my gym and it's only described as " mixed martial arts" lol. It's a lot cheaper than going to an actual martial arts school so I hope I like it!

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