A Milestone: Showing The Ability To Think Ahead

In other words, being able to form evil plots and play tricks on people.

"Let's play ring-around-the-rosie, mommy!"

We sing, we all fall down, Kaylee dives into my lap and under my shirt in one swift movement. Before I even realize what has happened, she is latched on.

Was this opportunistic? I think not. I think it was alllll in her little plan. Not that I am trying to wean her, but we just had a conversation about how my nursies wanted to rest for a couple hours, and she had agreed that we would eat sandwiches for lunch. But the angelic "yeahs" and smiles were all a ploy!

On another day, she brings me her doll. She tells me, "Dolly is sick. She needs a popsicle to make her feel better." Mhm. There goes the one popsicle a day rule... How can I say no to a sick dolly?

Her intelligence astounds me. Her sneakiness scares me... And reminds me of myself. I have a new found respect-mixed-with-sympathy for my mother.


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