Mixed Feelings Keeping Me Awake At 2AM

Things That I Am Happy For:
There were no accidents today! I loved not having to clean up toddler and/or puppy pee on the carpet the whole day, it felt like a vacation.
Kaylee went to bed at midnight. (This doesn't sound that great but she's been going to bed at 4AM lately, so yeah.)
We are finally trying for a second baby!!!!!!!! =)

Things That Are Depressing Me:
I'm not pregnant yet. I looked at that test every minute for like an hour.
I'm afraid no one will approve of us getting pregnant.
I am worried I will have a miscarriage like last time (4 months ago).


Vanessa said…
Yay for no accidents! I am longing for that day with Meridian! Yay for trying for a second baby. That wait is so so hard! I well remember! I had a lot of fear my second time around of having a miscarriage. I've never experienced one myself, but my mom and many friends have and it saddens me! :(
Camilleta said…
Yeah, we had one slip up, but we're doing good. I think that the taking off the diaper and peeing on the floor was her way of saying she was ready to potty train. And once we steam cleaned the carpet and got rid of the pee smell, the dog stopped peeing on the floor too. THANK GOD.

The waiting is KILLING ME! I am going through so many pregnancy tests. Then once I get that positive sign, the worrying can commence, lol.

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