My Husband Is Going to Come Home From Work

To find me sitting in a corner, covering my head, muttering, "Pee... towels... wash... dry... fold... pee... pee everywhere..."

I swear, my daughter and my puppy walk around purposely while peeing on the floor. And I don't know how their small bladders can hold so much pee. It's everywhere, it's EVERYWHERE........


Hi Camille!

Wooow... so sorry to hear about you having to clean up all this mess! :(

Btw, thanks for sharing your thoughts on my latest post about having our 2nd child. Really appreciate it and hope you have a wonderful day ahead! :)

~ Jenny ( )
Camilleta said…
Thanks. =) Luckily, we're making progress with potty-training lately, hahah. No accidents today, yay!

We are TTC at the moment, so I think about those things, too. I know it will work out for both of us, even if there are tough moments!

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