Letter To My Toddler

I will play tea party with you all morning, even though I have a lot of things to do. I will always kiss you goodnight and cover you, making sure you are warm and safe, before I go to bed. I will get up as many times as you need me every night, responding without hesitation and without resentment.

I am your mama and I would do anything for you. To see you happy makes me happy. You are my heart. But sometimes, I will have to make you unhappy. It hurts me to realize that I can't always be your best friend, but there are things I will have to do because it's what's best for you.

I will hold you down and clip your nails, even if it makes you very unhappy, because I don't want you to get ingrown nails or scratch yourself. I will clean your cuts whether you like it or not, because I don't want you to get infections or scars. I will not let you have too many sweets, because I don't want you to be grow up unhealthy or get cavities.

There may be things you want, or things you want to do, that I will say no to. I won't do this just to be mean. I promise I will always explain my actions and never say "because I said so," and I will admit if I am wrong and apologize. I will always remind you how much I love and respect you, even if you ignore me or don't believe me.

You may not always like me, but I do everything I do out of love for you. I hope I can always be your friend, but I must protect you, and that is what always comes first. So even when you cry, hit me, and bite me... Or later on, when you glare, scream, and tell me you hate me... I will still do what is best for you, in the hopes that you will one day understand that I was being a good mom to you after all.


Becky said…
in my professional world, i see so many parents of older kids struggle with their kids being out of control because of this very thing - they're unable to set that boundary. we start off as parents, and if we do a good enough job, when they're adults we are able to step into friends. how awesome that you've already got this figured out!!
Camilleta said…
Thanks, it's just hard sometimes!

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