Stuck In The Middle

A lot of the time, I feel stuck in the middle between natural and mainstream parenting. I see things from both side, and I have friends on both sides. I am a mix of the two styles, though really I have my own unique style that has to also mesh with my husband's, so it's even more unique. We try to buy healthy food, but we're not at the point where we can afford organic and everything. We pick and choose. Depending on the day, what we have for dinner may make my natural friends puke, or make my mainstream friends raise an eyebrow and talk about me behind my back about what a crazy hippie I am!

Sometimes I secretly judge my mainstream friends and think, "I would never let me kid have that, how unhealthy!" but on a different day I might think, "That is just going too far! I don't have the money and time to be that natural!" about things that my natural friends like. But then I realize that that is what works for them, and I am happy to let them have their way of life, while I have mine. I am just hoping and praying that the people I care about are as accepting toward me!

I just want everyone to accept each other and realize that while we have different lifestyles and different parenting styles, we can all get along and be friends! I want us to all throw away our pride and learn from each other. I want us to admit that we are not perfect and constantly try to improve ourselves. I want us to educate ourselves and have open minds! Maybe I'm crazy, but I feel like this is a realistic hope, and I like to think I can help make it come true. Change can start with just one person! =) I refuse to choose one "side" and hate the rest of the parents!


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