There Is A Such Thing As Being TOO MUCH Of A Daddy's Girl

We went to the mall today. We have been having a big problem with Kaylee running off in public places lately. My husband can't watch her at all in public without getting a good work out. She only listens to me, which we recognize as a problem, but don't know how to go about fixing it. I am more comfortable being strict. I won't hesitate to say sharply, "Do NOT run away from me, that's dangerous!" and she will generally come back and say, "Ok," cheerfully and hold my hand. With Daddy, she will ignore him, and he just chases her around. I tried to force him to be more of a disciplinarian one time, and he told her something in a very firm voice. She burst into tears. He picked her up and apologized. She was immediately fine. It's obvious to me that she has him wrapped around her little finger! Another example of this is I will say no to something, she will ask him in a cute voice, and he gives it to her. I have to run and tell him, "If Kaylee asks you for another popsicle, don't say yes, I already said no!" or the one popsicle a day rule goes down the drain. I wish we could find a way to balance things out more. Sometimes I feel doomed to become the mean old disciplinarian mom while he is the best dad ever. I have asked other people about this, but they brush it off, saying girls always favor their dads, while moms spoils their boys. This can't be true, can it?! I don't want her to resent me... And I want her to listen to her dad so I can go shopping occasionally!!!!


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