Breastmilk For Grandma

Since becoming a mom, I've been surprised to learn that there are other uses for breastmilk besides feeding a baby. Aside from being great for stuffy noses and goopy eyes, I have been reading that it can be beneficial to cancer patients! So now I am donating my milk to my grandma, who has a rare slow-growing type of lung cancer. She's 92 and still active, despite having a collapsed lung and going through radiation treatments earlier this year. She thinks the whole drinking my milk thing is weird, but finally agreed and grudgingly admitted that is tastes ok, doesn't upset her stomach (most things do), and may be helping boost her immune system (she fought off pneumonia and hasn't had another bout for months). I am so glad I can help her in any small way. Not to go off on a tangent, but she helped my mom raise my brother and me, since our dad wasn't around, and she is so special to me. One of my favorite things in the world is seeing her play with my daughter. When they are together, Grandma seems to have a renewed energy, and the depression and anger she has about the cancer disappears. I'm so glad I had Kaylee early enough for her to know and love her great-grandma. She calls her "Geegee" and Grandma calls Kaylee "Kitten" or "Ketzela" (Yiddish for kitten). It's so sweet to see their special affection, when during the pregnancy I was worried they wouldn't have time, and/or Grandma wouldn't have the emotional energy, for them to really bond.


Danielle said…
Kudos to you!! What an awesome thing to do for your grandma. I'll say a prayer for her.

New follower from Six in The Nest.
Camilleta said…
Thank you so much. It's much appreciated!!

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