Dear Kaylee Rebecca

You are officially 2 and a half now. 30 months. It sounds so old.

I look at you, sleeping, and it hits be just how much of a big girl you are. You are so tall, so strong. You amaze me every day with how smart you are. It mystifies me when I think that you grew inside me, and now you are a person. A unique, intelligent, joyful, stubborn, creative, ENERGETIC person! It's a miracle.

When I think of how lucky I am to be your mom, it blows my mind. It makes me tear up thinking about the tiny newborn you were, and dreaming about the adult you will one day become. It is the greatest gift I could ask for to get to take care of you every day and watch you grow up. And you are growing up so fast!

I can't believe you are singing songs, counting, and starting to say your ABCs. It's bittersweet to know that I don't have to carry you around anymore and you can do most things by yourself. I treasure this time where you still reach for me to hold your hand, to help you climb the stairs, and go up ladders at the park. You are so independent by nature, just like me, but I hope we will still be close as you grow up.

Having you has made me grow as a person. I truly love myself, because I am your mom; and I must have done something amazingly right, because you have turned out absolutely perfect. If I am proud of one thing about myself, it is that I have raised such a beautiful little girl, and she is happy and healthy.

Seeing how much you and your dad love each other is so special to me. Watching you play together gives me such a feeling of warmth and peace. I thought I was in love with him before we had you, but that love deepened so much after going through pregnancy, birth, and parenthood together. I am so glad we can give you a loving family to grow up in, and give you so many of the things I didn't have.

I pray that I will be able to walk the line between being a mom and friend to you. I pray that I will protect you, yet still let you grow and be your own person. I pray that you have your father's health, because I constantly feel guilty that you will inherit my bad teeth, allergies, and other issues.

I love you, sweetie. I am so grateful for you, every second of every day. Every time you learn a new skill, or ask me an unexpected question, or say, "I love you, Mommy," my heart feels like it will burst. I know if you read all my letters to you later you will think they are cheesy, but I just want you to know 100% without a doubt that I have always and will always love you. No matter what, Kaylee Baylee. <3

Love, Mommy


Priscilla said…
What a sweet post. I don't think she will ever get sick of you telling her how much you love her. It's the best
Danielle said…
What a cutie! And what a sweet post. :)
Meg Issacs said…
Oh my goodness, what a sweetie! You are so blessed :) Im a new follower! you can find me at

Have a lovely day!
Vanessa said…
What a sweetheart. I loved this little letter to her! Makes me think of my girls, but especially my littler Meridian (who is 2). goes too fast!
Camilleta said…
Yes, sometimes I wish so much that I could freeze time... or go back!
Christine said…
What cute pictures! She looks so adorable and sweet. I'm your newest follower from the Monkey Monday Blog Hop and I'd love it if you followed me too at Why We Love Green
Steph said…
Too cute! Following from the hop! Follow back if you have time! :)
Your daughter is so cute. Love the pigtails!!!

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