I Didn't Know Mommy Brain Could Get This Bad

Today, I was watching a movie with my husband. I glanced over at the bedroom, listening for our daughter, because I expected her to wake up soon.

"Steven, the door is wide open, can you close it so we don't wake Kaylee up?"

*awkward moment* Steven looks at me like I've lost my mind. I laugh sheepishly.

Kaylee's laying in my lap, nursing. She woke up like 15 minutes ago...


Lindsay said…
Ahh, I've had plenty of moments like this. New follower from Monday Monkey Hop! :)

Vanessa said…
Haha! Yep, I've done that before too! :) Must be the mommy brain thing! I swear I didn't do those things before having kids! ;)
Mommy Rubz said…
Hello! This is my first time here. Passing by and following.

Followed using Pinay Mommy Onine thru Monday Monkey GFC Blog Hop.

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Camilleta said…
I don't think I did those things before having kids... But I can't quite remember hahahahah.
Thats too funny! I remember those spacey, crazy days well. My kids are all grown now and I would be happy to have a few of those moments back. Oh wait. Isn't that what 'senior years' are all about?

Stopping by from "Lucky Wednesday Hop" and following you now.
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Yes that happened to me too. I was never sure if it really was "mommy brain" or just a sign of exhaustion. Or maybe both? Or maybe one caused the other? Who really knows. :)

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