It's The Little Things

Cicadas buzzing and birds chirping.
The sun coming in the window.
Morning cuddles.
Sleepy smiles.
"Good morning, Mommy!"

Soft, messy hair.
Food on her chin.
Silly grins.
Infectious laughter.
Holding hands.

Watching bugs.
Walking barefoot on the grass.
Watching the dogs play with each other.
Snuggling on the couch.
Having a tea party.

Her sweet little voice.
Talking to her doll.
Trying to sing hot cross buns.
Randomly saying, "I love you, Mama."
Telling me she misses Daddy when he's at work.

Watching her finish a puzzle by herself.
Counting to 10 together.
"Super hugs" when Daddy gets home.
Watching her play with her dad and seeing how much they love each other.
Going to the duck pond as a family.

Bedtime stories.
A peaceful house.
A perfect, beautiful, sleeping little girl.
An amazing, sleeping, but still cuddle-able husband.
Two snoring dogs (and a nice, loud bathroom fan)!


About A Mom said…
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amy@agoodlife said…
what a great list :)
Jessica.B said…
Such a tender post :D Thank you for linking up with us today!

{Sugar in My Grits}
Debbie said…
beautiful Post!
And best of all the ability to appreciate it all!
Maria Ana said…
Ohhh how sweet.. so calm, so tender, so loving, so beautiful, what a great family.!!

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