One Root Canal Down

One to go. Then 3 fillings.

I am so happy that at least 1 side of mouth is not in pain anymore. It felt like a major life event like getting married or having a baby or Guild Wars 2 coming out. Yes, I'm a geek. =D

The pain that I am in is intermittent but when it's bad it's REALLY bad. Like worse than breaking my arm. Worse than labor. I'd rather give birth naturally, to twins, than have 5 minutes of this tooth pain!

I am so grateful to my grandma for paying for this dental work. She's putting out around 3k for this. She isn't expecting me to pay her back but hopefully I can within a year. I love her so much, she always takes care of me.

Steven has been so supportive through all this. I've been sick, in pain, depressed, and extremely bitchy for a months now. He picks up the slack, takes care of Kaylee whenever he is not at work, and constantly tries to cheer me up. He's the best husband ever. I don't know how I could have lived through these last few months without him.


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