The Buzz About Me

1.  If you had to label yourself as to one genre of music you listen to the most, what would it be?
Pop. But only because of Kaylee. I like all types of music but I think my favorite is Rock... And Oldies (70s and 80s)!
2. What are five items that you always keep in your purse?
Tissues, chapstick, my important cards, lotion, and cell phone.
3. If you could drink only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
In real life I'd pick water, but since this is a fantasy, I pick lemonade. =D
4. What are three tv shows you miss watching that are no longer aired?
None, because I have Netflix. Awesome! (Though they just doubled the cost of my plan, not awesome!)
5. What is one cd your own that people would laugh if you told them you actually bought that?
Leann Rimes?
6. What is one job/career you told yourself you would never do even if it was your last resort?
Fast food. And I never will! Well, maybe if it was a LAST last resort. =/
7. How did you decide on the name{s} of your child{ren}?
Well, after harassing my husband and making many revisions to my baby name list, he suggested Kaylee and I scrunched my face up in thought, which probably was highly unattractive and said... OK.
8.  What is one show you refuse to miss no matter what?
I don't really bother watching TV aside from Netflix and OnDemand. If you can't pause it, what's the point in watching it, when you have a little one around?
9. How many miles would you say you drive in a week?
Personally, none. I have yet to get any driving hours, though I got my permit months ago. It's probably going to expire any day now. (I sort of have a fear of driving that I'm trying to get over!)
10. Who is one celebrity you wish would just go away & disappear off the face of the earth never to return?
I dunno, I don't really keep track of the celebs. =/

Potty Training Update

How is potty training going? Let me tell you in the form of a conversation I had with Kaylee earlier.

Do you want to go on the potty?
Do you have to go pee?
When you have to go pee, tell me and we'll go on the potty, ok?
No. 'Cuz I don't want to pee on the potty! I don't like to pee on the potty anyyyyyMORE!

I guess she just lost interest. =/ Either that or she's mad that I got rid of her pink potty and got her a green one. Knowing her, I'm going to have to go find that exact potty and buy it again...

I've Figured It Out // Grab A Button!

I've figured out the whole thing where I can't follow more than 300 blogs. I have to actually add them by joining the GFC widget on their blog. Adding the url to my blogger dashboard does not work. Using the little follow button at the top of blogger blogs does not work. Google Reader doesn't work, it adds it to my Google Reader list but does not raise the person's follower count. Basically, nothing else works, so I hope everyone has a GFC widget on their blog and it loads or I can't follow them! My advice is, since those widgets don't always load, get a button that directly links to adding you and put it on your blog. I've seen that and it's great, I'm about to go figure out how to do it.

ANYWAY, I made buttons a little while back, and just wanted to tell everyone I'm up for button trading! Grab mine and I'll grab yours! It'll be neeeeeat. =) PS They're on the left hand side bar.

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone! ♥

Oh My Gosh!

What do I do??? I am following 300 blogs and apparently I can't follow anymore! D= Is there anyway to get past this?! Can you follow with something other than Google Friend Connect? This is just terrible!

I Stay Up All Night

Yeah, I'm no expert in graphics, but I like to mess around once in a while. I made these on (now replaced by If you like one, feel free to take it. If you want me to make one, tell me. =)

Happy Half-Birthday To Arie Berry!

Our puppy, Aries, is 6 months old! It feels like the time has flown past. I remember when we first brought him home. He was so tiny, playful, timid, and sweet!

He was so happy to run around in our yard because he was born in the city and had never seen a field.

Even though he soon began to show his true colors and destroy everything in our house...

We quickly grew to love him and consider him part of the family.

Even our old, grouchy dog loves and/or tolerates him. =)

He still goes potty on the carpet sometimes, he humps teddy bears, and he chews anything left on the floor. He drives me CRAZY some days, but I love him. I can not look at that face and stay mad at him. I never really thought Pit Bulls were overly cute... They are nice looking, not ugly, but Aries is just adorable. Am I just being a biased dog-mommy?

It's weird, I thought I'd never be able to love another dog like Molly, our older dog. But Aries is working his way into my heart. He's the first dog I have had that actually likes to cuddle and he also plays fetch! How awesome is that, I can exercise him just by standing there and throwing a ball. Who knew Pit Bulls could retrieve? He *pretty much* listens off the leash, and he's not a puller on the leash, which is great because he is so strong! Now that he is 6 months old, it's time to get him neutered (thank God, maybe he'll stop humping the teddy bears!)  I think he's a really special dog, he's just so loving. I'm really hoping we can do some therapy work in the future. He needs a lot more training but when I see how patient and gentle he is with Kaylee, I know he has what it takes to be a good therapy dog.