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I'm not feeling too inspired to write a post and my husband is taking forever to write out his vegetarian quesadilla recipe for me. >=/ In the mean time, I'll do one of these little chain interviews. If you want to fill it out too, or have already, link it up in a comment. =)

Age – 23. No longer a "young mom" I guess.

Bed size – Queen. Next bed we get is gonna be a king though!

Chore you hate – Um... All of them? Hahah. Probably dishes.

Dogs – Two, Molly the Germand Shepherd mix and Aries the Pit Bull puppy. They drive me absolutely insane but I love them to death. They're definitely part of the family... No matter how many times they regress in their potty-training.

Essential start your day item – Is coffee an item?

Favorite color – Blue.

Gold or silver – Silver. Or white gold.

Height – 5'10" at last check. I was an inch taller before I got pregnant, oddly enough. I slowly shrunk over the course of my pregnancy and a few months after the birth. o_O

Instruments you play –  I played the piano and flute when I was younger. I miss it...

Job title – Stay at home mom, homemaker, housewife, take your pick. I am also a part time student but that never seems to be mentioned lol.

Kids – 2 and a half year old Kaylee Rebecca, and hopefully at least one more in the near future!

Live – Severna Park, Maryland. (And I hate it here.)

Mom's name – Renee, though my daughter calls her Nene.

Nicknames: Cami, Cam, Cee.

Overnight hospital stays – When I had Kaylee... There were a few really late into the night hospital visits but I don't think there were any other actual overnight hospitalizations.

Pet peeve – Hypocrites.

Quote from a movie –  "We can't actually do any of those things. You'd lose your soul and besides, I don't even own a kimono." - Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I know it's lame and it's not even from a movie but it's all I could think of off the top of my head. It was funny in context, I swear.)

Right- or left-handed – Right, though I can do a lot of things with my left too, ever since I broke my right arm when I was like 5.

Siblings: I have two (not-so-little) brothers who I love so much and who are awesome uncles!

Time you wake up – Whenever Kaylee wakes up. It can vary but usually 8 or 9.

Underwear – Size 7 regular bikinis in a package? Lol.

Vegetable you dislike – Onions.

What makes you run late – Getting a rambunctious toddler and a dawdling husband ready and out the door. =P

X-rays – I've had a lot for broken bones, suspected broken bones, and dental work.

Yummy food you make – Well, I can actually bake, but I don't, because our oven is broken. -_-

Zoo animal favorite – Wolves!


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Lexie Lane
Camilleta said…
Thanks, I'll check it out right now. =)
I accepted the Versatile Blogger award, by the way, and did my acceptance post today - check it out! Thanks for the push, by the way! :)

The Crunchy (Grouchy) Mommy -
Sarah said…
Since when is 23 not considered young? I'm a Mom to a 18 month old and I'm 28 and consider myself a very young Mom! Take advantage of your age and embrace it :)
Sarah @ made in usa challenge
Camilleta said…
Yeah, you are right Sarah. =) I just feel old on some days hahah!
Amanda Joy said…
Such a bummer about your oven being broken. I think I would have to make a solar oven to get by... then again, losing weight would be easier if I wasn't baking every weekend:)

Thanks for joining our Mingle With Us Blog Hop this week:)
Amanda Joy
Camilleta said…
Hey, I do bake in the toaster oven we have, but it doesn't always turn out so good. (I usually eat it anyway... Who cares if the brownies are a little gooey on the inside and burnt on the outside? They're still good! Hahha.)

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