Happy Half-Birthday To Arie Berry!

Our puppy, Aries, is 6 months old! It feels like the time has flown past. I remember when we first brought him home. He was so tiny, playful, timid, and sweet!

He was so happy to run around in our yard because he was born in the city and had never seen a field.

Even though he soon began to show his true colors and destroy everything in our house...

We quickly grew to love him and consider him part of the family.

Even our old, grouchy dog loves and/or tolerates him. =)

He still goes potty on the carpet sometimes, he humps teddy bears, and he chews anything left on the floor. He drives me CRAZY some days, but I love him. I can not look at that face and stay mad at him. I never really thought Pit Bulls were overly cute... They are nice looking, not ugly, but Aries is just adorable. Am I just being a biased dog-mommy?

It's weird, I thought I'd never be able to love another dog like Molly, our older dog. But Aries is working his way into my heart. He's the first dog I have had that actually likes to cuddle and he also plays fetch! How awesome is that, I can exercise him just by standing there and throwing a ball. Who knew Pit Bulls could retrieve? He *pretty much* listens off the leash, and he's not a puller on the leash, which is great because he is so strong! Now that he is 6 months old, it's time to get him neutered (thank God, maybe he'll stop humping the teddy bears!)  I think he's a really special dog, he's just so loving. I'm really hoping we can do some therapy work in the future. He needs a lot more training but when I see how patient and gentle he is with Kaylee, I know he has what it takes to be a good therapy dog.


Mary said…
He's adorable. I love the last two pics!
Cami said…
OH MY. She just seriously MELTED my heart. She is so precious :) So happy to hear he's a great fit for your family :)

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life
Tiffany Booth said…
Hi - Love your site! New follower from the Monday Monkey Blog Hop. Following you on GFC. Please stop by and follow me back at http://psbeautyblog.blogspot.com.

I look forward to reading more of your posts :)
Cute puppy. Glad you are enjoying your new sweetie.
Working Mommy said…
What a precious pup - I love when their paws are bigger than their heads!!

Camilleta said…
Hahah yeah, it's adorable! Big paws mean they're going to grow really big I think. Oh boy, I'm in trouble!
He is ADORABLE and no, you're not just being a biased dog-mum! I do believe I squeaked out loud when I seen the picture of him relaxing belly-up on the couch, too cute! Glad he's found his perfect place in your family :-)


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