Busy Month

I'm going to 2 La Leche League meetings this month! It might be a little belated to go to my first meeting when my daughter is 2 and a half years old, but I'm excited to go. I've never seen another woman breastfeed in real life (except my mom). I barely have any friends with kids, and they all formula feed. So I'm really hoping I can find a little support in LLL. I'm worried it will be weird going with a toddler... But we are trying to conceive, so I'm going to need the support with our second too. I don't want to feel as alone in breastfeeding this time around. My online friends have been great support but sometimes you need something actually near you, physically.

It's a really busy month, I also have 3 dentist appointments. Then we go on vacation in Wildwood with some friends. I'm looking forward to this month a lot. With the dental work done, this horrible pain will be gone, and life will be so much better. Then we get to have a fun time with some friends, which never happens, since none of our friends live around here! Steven coming from Delaware, and me coming from Silver Spring, moving here sort of killed both of our social lives. SO we're really looking forward to this!!

I also have to make an appointment to get Aries neutered since he's 6 months old now (they wouldn't do it before now). So excited to get those things chopped off. Sorry buddy, but I am getting tired of you raping my teddy bears! Lol. And then I'm probably going to find a therapist, because although I feel fine now, I don't know if it will last. I don't want to put Steven and Kaylee through any more of my breakdowns. I don't know if a therapist will be able to help but hey, I have to do something. My mom thinks it's the fact that Kaylee is weaning and that's making my hormones crazy or something. She says weaning can cause very real depression feelings. After I got over how weird it sounded, I thought it sounded pretty likely. The (bad) mood swings started at about the same time Kay night-weaned. Or maybe it started a little later, when I got pregnant, then had the miscarriage. I've really been in an hormonally (sp?) and emotionally crazy time so hopefully it's just a matter of time before I get back to normal. You know... still crazy, but not OVERLY crazy. =P


Mom on the Run said…
I always wanted to go to a LLL meeting but never did. I too feel alone with my breastfeeding. Everyone who gave birth around my time is formula feeding.

New to your blog. Fellow mommy blogger:

Veronica Lee said…
Looks like you've got a long list of things to do.

LOL on Aries raping your teddy bears!
Krystyn said…
I've never been to a LLL meeting, but I hear they are wonderful...and I bet it won't be weird at all!
Camilleta said…
I think it will be neat because one of the meetings I'm going to is specifically for nursing toddlers so hopefully we'll fit right in. LLLI.org is their website if you want to check it out and find a meeting near you. =) The one reason I'm nervous is I might be the youngest one, or the only Jewish one... It's silly really, I'm sure it will be great.
Aleacia said…
New follower from Flutter By Friday

When my oldest was 3 months old I went to my first LLL meeting, even though I didn't have any problems nursing it was nice to have support from other nursing moms and also to be able to give support back to those moms as well.
LLL is a great place, I hope you enjoy your first meeting, looking forward to hearing how it goes.
Good luck with #2 :)

Camilleta said…
Thanks so much! I was actually sick and missed the meeting but there is another one soon. =)

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