It Was An Avocado and Mushroom Kind Of Week

Turkey burger (we're out of veggie burgers and I'm a bad girl).


Scrambled eggs.


Jackie said…
I'm noticing the reoccurring theme there, lol! Looked like a tasty week you had :)

And.. following!!

Jackie said…
This is a great blog by the way.. your pets look adorable!!

Avocado goes with everything....I use it to make raw vegan pudding. Mmmmm
Camilleta said…
Thanks Jackie, I'm actually already following you. ^_^

Good Girl Gone Green, I don't know your name, but yeah! You should put a recipe for that pudding up. =D Avocado is my favorite food EVER.
Girl, you made my mouth watering! :)) (hope is in English what I just said :P)
Laura said…
Looks good:) Thanks for linking up for Footloose and Fancy Free:)
Kristy said…
Looks yummy. I'm a new follower here from the weekend hop. Please follow me.
I <3 avocados and mushrooms! I have both in my fridge as we speak. I've never thought of them with pizza though. I may have to try that.
Krystyn said…
yum! i love avocados, too.
Lindsay said…
OMG yum! Avocado and mushrooms are two of my favorites. Looks so good!:)
Becky said…
Now I'm hungry (for avocado and mushrooms, of course). Hope you've recovered from the root canal!
Sounds like a great idea for today! following you now

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