I've Figured It Out // Grab A Button!

I've figured out the whole thing where I can't follow more than 300 blogs. I have to actually add them by joining the GFC widget on their blog. Adding the url to my blogger dashboard does not work. Using the little follow button at the top of blogger blogs does not work. Google Reader doesn't work, it adds it to my Google Reader list but does not raise the person's follower count. Basically, nothing else works, so I hope everyone has a GFC widget on their blog and it loads or I can't follow them! My advice is, since those widgets don't always load, get a button that directly links to adding you and put it on your blog. I've seen that and it's great, I'm about to go figure out how to do it.

ANYWAY, I made buttons a little while back, and just wanted to tell everyone I'm up for button trading! Grab mine and I'll grab yours! It'll be neeeeeat. =) PS They're on the left hand side bar.

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone! ♥


I started Blogging in March and I am learning things slowly but surely. I still need to figure out a lot! Thanks for this information. I am a new Follower of your Blog.
Judy from Jamaica
Michael Ann said…
Really? I did NOT know this. When I can't find the GFC I always just go hit the blogger "follow" button. Shoot.
Rebecka said…
I'm your newest follower via voiceBoks GFC hop...Kaylee is a real cutie and the doggies and Prissy are adorable. Have a great week.
cute blog!

thanks for the follow, following you back.

Im so techically challenged myself. I don't even have a button for my blog.
Stopping by from VB to follow you! Would love a follow back when you get the chance :)

Roxi Santiago said…
Hi! From VB here. I haven't made a button yet for my blog! I'm still figuring out how too. :(

I'll be putting your button on mine right after this comment! :D

Tat said…
Just returning your visit to reply to your question about following, but it looks like you've got it all figured out!
Camilleta said…
Hey, I'm following all of you who commented here now! =) And I'm going to post a tutorial on how to get buttons later on (as soon as my toddler gives me a chance).
Terri said…
I've been using the follow button at the top of everyone's blogs to add them, now I don't know who I'm following or who I'm not *gasp*. I had no idea they didn't work.
Camilleta said…
Don't worry, they work unless you are already following 300 blogs. One thing I do is I always check my dashboard to make sure the follow worked. =)
Sean Marie said…
Hi there, new follower!

What a cute blog and precious little girl you have!
Thanks so much for dropping by the Monday Mingle Blog Hop! Your GFC widget is not working, let me know if I'm already following you or not. I hope you'll stop by
again soon! Have a great day! :)

P.S. I would love to connect on Facebook too, if we haven't already. http://facebook.com/toughcookiemommy

New follower from the blog hop please come follow me back :)
Hello, found your blog through the wild wednesday hop. How do you make a button? Is there a template somewhere or you do have to do all the hard work yourself?

Hope to see you soon,
Jill said…
I added yours to my page too, thanks =)

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