Just Some Whining and Complaining

I absolutely hate Steven's new job at this point. I don't care how much more money it makes, it takes him away from me and I can't deal with it! Aside from missing him, and hearing Kaylee ask for him all day, it's really hard to not have any help around the house. I now feel a deep respect for single parents. I am getting so depressed without him here. I really need to start exercising again; I know that will help with the depression. I've been absolutely TERRIBLE with exercising. I haven't worked out once since I got back from vacation a week ago. Unless you count moving a really heavy couch today and smashing my foot, or chasing after my dog as he ran off to see the neighbor's kids. Those two things definitely got my heart racing, does that count as cardio? Well, I promise to do it tomorrow. Please slap me if I don't do it. And please slap me if I keep being such a Negative Nancy. I have a great life and I should feel blessed every single minute!


Shavon said…
Aww that sucks man! I remember the days I used to miss my bf...now, he can work overtime, triple time, ALL the time! So annoyed with him these days! But, on a serious note, I'd still really like to share my business with you. I have a webcast tomorrow at 2:10pm and 9:10pm EST. I know alot of people who have replaced their jobs and old incomes! Give me a call!

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