Kaylee Singing The Alphabet For The First Time

I think this is the first time she sang it all the way through, and I happened to be taping it! Awesome. =)

And here's me trying to get her to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star... I swear she was doing it right before this! Hahah.


So cute! Your daughter is so, so pretty :).
Camilleta said…
Aww, thank you. You know how to win a mama's heart! Hahah.
Sooo cute! NEW follower from Just Cuz Hop. Have a great Day! :0)
pamela r said…
so cute!
Stopping in with Terrific Thursday blog hop,I'm a fellow vB mom so I'll look you up there....BTW my daughter has the same name but spelled Kayleigh =)
Very Cute Blog! I LOVE it! I'm following your networkedBlogs!


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