Might Not Be On Much For The Rest Of The Month

I'm getting my second root canal tomorrow... Dreading it and looking forward to getting it so much that my brain has split into two warring sides who killed each other and now I'm completely brain dead.

I'll probably spend Thursday recovering and/or sulking...

Friday, I have my first La Leche League meeting. (If I survive the root canal.) Looking forward to meeting some other breastfeeding moms.

Friday is also Steven's last day of work at his current job!

Saturday, we make the 2 hour drive to Delaware and go to Kaylee's friend Sydney's second birthday party. That should be a lot of fun.

Staying in Delaware to visit with the in laws and going straight to our vacation in Wildwood, New Jersey. Can't wait to spend the week with friends we hardly get to see. And I SO need a vacation!

I'll be back home next Sunday, and then it will be time to do a pregnancy test, if I haven't had my period yet. Yeah sorry, I tend to randomly talk about gross things such as ovulation, periods, and peeing on sticks. =P

Then I'm pretty sure Steven starts his new job on Monday... I really wish we had a little break after we got back from vacation before he started the new job. Oh well, if I don't post a blog by Tuesday, you can assume it was too busy of a month for me and I exploded.


Veronica Lee said…
The mention of the word 'dentist' sends a shudder down my spine!

Have fun on your vacation!
Kathy said…
Root Canal!!! Not so much fun!! I'm glad you will be out of pain though once it is all over!! Have a great vaction! It's fun to find your blog on VoiceBoks! I'm now following you, I look foward to hearing how all has progressed (new job, vaction, ect!) Take care!
Erin said…
Oh, I hate root canals! But you will feel so much better when it's all said and done! Stopping by from voiceBoks!
Grandma Bonnie said…
Root canal I a am sending good thoughts your way. I hope everything goes well. Have a great vacation.
Camilleta said…
Thanks everyone!!!!
doreen said…
Root canal = would rather go through labor..okay maybe not. I am having all of my teeth out and implants put in because of TMJ. I hope you will wave as you pass Philadelphia (I'm actually in Delaware County)..we are heading to Strathmere tomorrow [in between Sea Isle and Ocean City]
Have a great vacation and will cross fingers and say a prayer for baby luck:)
Julie said…
Your blog is darling. I am visiting from Voiceboks and a new follower. I would love a visit and a follow back.

Julie from Just Jules
Camilleta said…
Oh, that sounds really tough, getting all implants put in! I hope it's not too bad. The root canals aren't bad, I was relaxing during the drilling lol! I just hate the numbing shots.
Rosann said…
Sounds like you have an eventful schedule coming up. Good luck with the root canal and ENJOY your vacation. I just returned from vacation and feel so tired from all the fun we had. Slowly getting back into my blogging routine.

Visiting from voiceboks.

Busy week ahead! Good luck with your root canal. And have a great vacation!!! :)
Lindsay said…
Ahh good luck on your root canals. I hate going to the dentist!!!
Camilleta said…
Thanks everyone, it went well. =)
Jamie said…
Hi I'm a new follower from the Totally Thursday Blog Hop. I love your blog header!

For Love of Cupcakes
kenmei said…
Hi, I'm your newest follower from the Sunday Funday Hop! You can visit me back at

C- you Next Week,

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