Oh My Gosh!

What do I do??? I am following 300 blogs and apparently I can't follow anymore! D= Is there anyway to get past this?! Can you follow with something other than Google Friend Connect? This is just terrible!


Tat said…
That can't be right! I am following about 500 and I've never had any problem.Just hopped over from your comment on Organic Homemaking ;)
I am your newest follower from the Fun Tuesday Hop via GFC, stopping by from http://couponingfromfl2mi.blogspot.com/

You can also follow via FB, Twitter, or Network Blogs. :)
RaeBeth said…
I hope that's not true and it's a mistake. I love finding new blogs. I do my reading while drinking my coffee in the morning. I think putting a limit on it isn't right. Hope you figure this one out. If you do get around it or figure out whats going on, update me. I'd love to see how it gets fixed.
Michelle said…
Hmmm. . . I have no idea. I've never had that happen before. I'm sure I'm probably following more than a thousand! Maybe it was just a glitch that day? GFC definitely has quirks. Thanks for stopping by the Sit and Relax hop!
Camilleta said…
Gosh, I guess it just hates me! I'm going to do some researching and maybe email them. This just can't be so! D=

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