Tip For Weaning Your Toddler

As my toddler is beginning to wean, sometimes that results in us having less snuggle time. Usually, nursing was out snuggle time, but now she is nursing less, this means we cuddle less. Not enough bonding time always results in a grouchy day for both of us. I make a conscious effort to snuggle throughout the day, while reading, singing, telling stories, or watching tv together and we are both much happier. Weaning can upset and sadden the mother AND child no matter what the age and this is normal. There can sometimes even be a mourning period. I can see how this time could cause my daughter and I to drift apart a little, but instead I'm making sure we strengthen our bond instead. Though our bond is always changing, I want to do all I can to make sure we stay close. And even though I feel anxious sometimes to be done with nursing, I'm trying to treasure these moments, because I never know when the very last time will be.

Ok, this might be a more realistic picture of toddler nursing. ;)


Hannah Avery said…
Hi, I am a new follower from Mom Blog Monday! I love that last nursing diagram! I too breastfeed, and my son gets in all kinds of strange positions!


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Shauna Nosler said…
I'll never forget how swollen my boobs were when I stopped nursing ... that was awful!! Hope you can take your time :) Following you from the Monday hop. Hope you can stop by and return the favor soon. http://www.shaunanosler.blogspot.com/
RaeBeth said…
I'm glad you were able to breast feed as long as you did. I was only able to for two weeks after my daughter was born. I stopped producing enough for her.
Camilleta said…
I never produced enough either. I had enough to give her about 3/4 breastmilk and 1/4 formula on most days. I'm not sure how much she is getting now but since she's 2 and a half she mostly eats solids of course. I'm letting her self-wean. =) Here is a tip if you ever have another child and want to give breastfeeding another go: Malt Flavor Ovaltine! Sounds weird but it really helped my supply. I'm hoping to succeed in breastfeeding next time around with no formula but we'll see how it goes, all we can do is our best. =)
Candida said…
I love the nursing toddler graphic! Very true to life.

Stopping by from the blog hop- hope you visit and follow back!

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I love the toddler graphic too! That's totally what it's like! ;)

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