The Versatile Blogger Award!

For some strange reason, I was given an award! Hahah, awesome! =D

Thank you to the writer of A Mommy's Lifestyle for choosing me! (I am embarrassed to say that I don't even know your name.) I love your blog, it's fun to read. And your little boy is adorable, he reminds me of my daughter because they are both so energetic. =)

Alrighty, onto the award.

The rules after accepting the Versatile Blogger Award are:
1. Thank the person who gave the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs.

7 Things About Me:
1. I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer. =P
2. My favorite pizza is thin crust with pineapple, mushrooms, and spinach.
3. I shrunk an inch after I had my daughter. Now I'm 5'10".
4. I'm a tomboy through and through.
5. My one fear is needles. I have no problem holding a spider or snake which horrifies most people, but one little shot and I pass out cold and wake up crying and/or throwing up. Nurses hate me, hahahah!
6. I have started writing at least 10 novels, even creating extensive family trees about the characters. I have yet to finish ONE. That is this year's goal.
7. I can NOT cook. Every single time I cook, I burn the food, ruin it, spill it, cut myself, or burn myself. Good thing my husband likes cooking!

15 Blogs I'm Passing This Award Along To, If They Want It =):
Adventures in Mommyhood: Mommy Outnumbered
Mom On The Run
Taking It On
Jewels & Treasures
Cathey with an E
Mama Dani's Musings
Naturally Mom
Yogi Mommy
The Crunchy (Grouchy) Mommy
Fatty Bumpkins Reviews and Giveaways
the bed is made, the world's a mess
Mummies Nummies


Veronica Lee said…
Congrats on the well-deserved award! I love your blog!

And thank you so much for awarding it to me. You're the sweetest!!
Well, thanks! I'll post my own award acceptance post on Monday! And I didn't realize you were so tall!!
Cami said…

Congratulations name twin! ;)

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life
Oh, thank you! How fun :) We definitely share our fear of needles!!!
Vanessa said…
Thank you SO much for including me! :) I also am not much of a cook (although I do cook some). Hubby helps out most of the time-and he likes it! :)
XLMIC said…
I LOVE these things! I have done a few of them already and you can see them on this tabbed page:

But I will try to do another one for this particular awarding once my husband gets back from his trip and I can focus!

Lindsay said…
So happy you accepted the award! :) I love mushrooms on my pizza too.
Camilleta said…
Thanks, everyone!!

Aha, Lindsay! So that is your name. =)
Priscilla said…
Thank you so much for including me!

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