Life Is Crazy Right Now!

I didn't mean to, but I've been taking a sort of hiatus from being online lately. I've been hacking away at my emails today. I had 160! It was nuts. Now I have like 60, so I've made a lot of progress. I know I'm behind commenting blogs and following people back on Twitter and things like that. I apologize, I will catch up soon, and I'm not joining blog hops until I do. Trying not to add anymore to my plate right now. Sometimes, I think I am in a little over my head with blogging. Some days, there is just not enough time to do the family thing and the blogging thing. On a perfect day, yes, but most days something unexpected ends up happening. Sometimes drama is going on (like today). And then when Steven is home from work, I want to spend time with him while I can, so I don't go online much. Yesterday, I spent the day with my mom, doing the whole drive 1 hour to Silver Spring and spend the day there thing. My grandma and brothers live there so my mom goes there to visit them and take them where they need to go. Well, the older of my brothers goes where he needs to go by himself, but yeah. It's a long day for Kaylee and me to be out, running around, and it's a lot of car seat time for her. No break whatsoever for me because it's not like any of the places we go to are toddler-safe. Not to mention, she's not fond of on-the-go food, she prefers hot meals, so she doesn't eat much, then gets cranky. And her naps are cut short. But we've gone with her 2 days this week because it's getting very lame staying inside all day. Steven is at work Wednesday morning through Saturday afternoon because of work this week. I can't drive and don't have a car anyway. And there is absolutely nowhere to walk around here! We're going crazy inside. But there are big changes coming, and life is going to be very different soon, which I will have to write about later, after Kay goes to sleep. I didn't want to get into it now because it's a whole new story, it's upsetting to talk about, and I didn't want to get into it in this post. Alrighty, happy start of the weekend, everyone!


MariaAna said…
hello there Camille

its alright.. just take things easy. i wasnt online long like the usual on weekdays too for a few days since Wednesday last week because I had to take care of my husband who got sick and he is like a baby when he gets sick.. my stats gone down and I missed to visit other blogs..

but now things are back to normal. but then later i had to run outside again and be back in the afternoon and by that time my husband is back from work ( i dont really get online when my husband is at home coz i want to spend more time with him) and no more time to get online till tomorrow..

its okay, am sure you can manage things very well there.. cheers and more power!!

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