Creepy Crawlies and Slimy Things

I found this little guy on our screen door a few mornings ago. I just found a stick bug there a little while back. And I find huge spiders there all the time (ew). It's like a magnet for giant bugs. Or whatever they are, arachnids?

I have never seen a slug this big. I know it's weird to take pictures of slugs but it was just so massive.

A cute little froggy outside our house. He wasn't shy, Kaylee even pet him a few times before he hopped away. Then she threw a huge fit because she wanted to bring him inside and keep him as a friend, lol.


Nicola said…
Aww I love frogs! He's so cute!

Is that a Praying Mantis?? They're gross me out a bit but are amazing!

Working Mommy said…
I was greeted by a praying mantis when I went to the bank the other night...very odd place to find one, but he was just chillin.


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