TV Is Ruined For Me!

Have you ever noticed how the way you perceive tv shows and movies changes a lot after you have kids? Is it just me??

For one thing, I am liable to cry watching a diaper commercial. I used to watch the saddest of movies and not even get watery eyes!

Then you start noticing all the unrealistic things. Like the parents put the newborn baby down and it sleeps the entire night. THEN it waits quietly in the morning until the parents go in and get it. Um, in what reality does that happen??

I also don't like it when they portray kids as obnoxious, bratty, fat, whiny, etc. What parent agrees to let their kid act out a part like that? And why do we need to show the most precious and innocent thing in the world, children, in a bad light? I'm not talking humorous situations, I mean more the times when it shows the kid as a real jerk who their own parents seem to hate.

I was just watching Dora the Explorer and it's funny what thoughts ran through my head. Her mom was having a baby, and she asks Boots (her sidekick monkey) if he/she (no idea the gender) could guess who was joining her family. The clues were it ate out of a bottle, slept in a crib, and wore diapers. I was just thinking, how is Kaylee going to guess that? She was breastfed and slept in my bed as a baby. Hahah and then it turned out to be twins and I was like, how do you not know you're carrying twins??? It seemed like she had a home birth with no doctor or midwife or anything. I thought that was kind of odd yet I guess cool in a way? Yeahhh, way to over-think a preschool show!

Then there was the movie, The Hangover. I hope I'm not confusing two movies here. But there was this scene where she goes to breastfeed her baby and everyone freaks out like she just started flashing them. It's supposedly humorous, but I don't see the humor? Like breastfeeding is an oddity and a joke?

Then those scenes in movies where there are kids but they are somehow not in that scene. Where did they go? I'm usually the only person wondering that. I think... Could they be at school? No, the timing is off. Lol, I wish I would just focus on the movie instead of nitpicking it! Since becoming a mom, I nitpick more over everything in movies, not just parenting related things. I have no idea why THAT is, perhaps just getting older. As a teen you can live in the moment more, before bills and everything. Ok wait, this is getting way too deep.

Aside from all that, I also have a hard time watching shows like Law and Order: SVU where there may be an abused or murdered child. I have serious issues after watching something like that. I'm liable to cry later and express all these irrational fears about ever letting Kaylee out of my sight and then insisting to Steven that we need to move to a very remote location where only hippies who homeschool and grow their own crops live. Seriously, I do want to move to a place like that... But I digress.

Ok, I think I'm either done with my post or else I just got distracted by ice cream. Either way, have a great weekend everyone! My husband is getting home soon after being gone most of the week for work and I was thinking about taking the weekend off from the internet. Family time, here I come!


Cheryl Roth said…
Going with the flow is a good idea.
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tiff snedaker said…
It definitely changes after you have kids! I can totally relate on crying at a commercial, I've done that too many times. ;)

Following from the blog hop, and would love a comment here or a follow!

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