Add A Signature To Your Posts, and A Post Divider

Here is an easy tutorial for adding a signature to your posts. It automatically adds your siggy to all past and future posts! It's really neat because who wants to go back and put your signature on all past posts, and then remember to add it every time you make a post? Check it out: And if you are looking for a place to make your own signature, try =)

Edit - I changed the code a bit to give more space before and after the signature because things were looking kind of crowded. If you want to do that too you can do this instead of the code they tell you to paste: <br><img src='IMAGE URL' style='border: none; background: transparent;' /></br><br/>

Basically, I just added in a <br> which is a line break and you have to end the code which is the </br>

And HERE is the tutorial to add a post divider. :)


Thanks for this information! I must really check this out. I need to learn so much! I am still trying to figure out how to make a code for my Blog button! Take care and have a good day.
Rosann said…
Cute signature! I might have to check that one out. I actually have Mommy Ro (from voiceboks) redesigning my website header right now and part of the package, I think, includes a signature. So we'll see. If not, I'll be sure to check out the tutorial link you provided.

Very pretty! I have a bunch of Kevin and Amanda tutorials printed out. I have yet to get to actually reading them and making them "work" on my blog. I love your signature. Maybe I will try making one this weekend? :-) Have a wonderful day! Stopping by from VB.
Ciao Mama's said…
Thank you thank you for the tutorial I have gone through other sites and none are as cute as yours. So I am excited to get this going today. New follower from vB. Hope you can so the same!
Lindsay said…
Thanks for the info! I've been wondering how everyone does that.

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