New Buttons!

I made some new buttons! Aren't they pretty?! No shut up I have amazing graphics skillz! Ok anyway, you can grab one from my left hand sidebar, and tell me so I can grab one of yours too! Aaand I have yet to make a sentence without an exclamation point so I should do that. There we go. =) Oh and the codes for my old buttons will still work.

ALSO, my blog hops are at the bottom of the page now instead of the sidebar.

We have a tornado watch here so in case my electricity and/or internet go out, I may not be on tomorrow.


Mizzreviewlady said…
They are beautiful! Great job:)
I am your newest follower from the hop and would love a follow back over at
Mikki said…
Beautiful buttons...would you consider writing a post about how to create them? I would love to try to make some myself!

I'm following back from Mom's Best Nest. Thanks for following!

PS - The pictures of your baby are absolutely adorable, but the picture of Aries completely captivates me - makes me wish I could get to know him/her :)
Mary said…
Love the first two buttons Camille. Great job =)
Michelle Brown said…
I love the buttons! They are so cute. Hope all is well and the storms aren't bad.
Hi there! I found your blog thru other mommy blogs I follow. Very cute! And great job with the buttons. I'm going to work on one very soon. Newest follower. Would love the follow at I look forward to reading more!
Cami said…
VERY CUTE BUTTONS!! you're so talented. How'd you make them??! I need a button that looks good - mine is terrible. Great job on yours :)

A lot of people say that my sister and I look like twins!

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life
Easy-2-Save said…
Love your blog and buttons! I am a new follower from the hop. I will take one of your buttons and put it up on my blog you can find my button @

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