Some More Whining

Well, Kaylee is alternating between asking for Nene (her grandma) and Daddy. She has told me various flattering things in between crying for them, such as "you're not my favorite mommy" and "I can't like you anymore." I just put on the TV show, 'Super Why!' and now she's distracted. And I got her to eat with a buffet of snacks and a bunch of different drinks in different cups. She likes to have choices. (And there you have the reason I am so fat, I have to eat all those leftovers! I can't waste them...)

I'm depressed about Steven leaving us for 3 days for work again. I'm about to search for some easy recipes to do (he's the one who cooks) and some fun things to do inside (he has the car and it's raining outside) while he's gone. Yes, I know my grammar is horrible right now. I'm a hypocrite, I admit it. But yeah, if you have any suggestions for either of the aforementioned things, please share!

Sooo, in case you're not feeling sorry me yet... On top of everything, I'm out of butter! I'll spare you the dramatic story of how and why I don't have butter when I just went food shopping yesterday. And yes, it's a long and complicated story. But the point is, my life is over. I might have to see if my mom can pick some up for me. I already asked her to pick me up pregnancy tests a few days ago and I don't want to treat her like an errand boy... er, errand woman... but seriously, how can I survive for 3 days without butter?!

And speaking of pregnancy tests, the one I took the other day was negative. But I'm still late for my period. I don't know what's up! But how am I going to get knocked up with my husband gone for work half the week every week, hm?! And please no one suggest anything involving shipping jars... I've already heard and rejected that one. >_>


Working Mommy said…
Let me know what you have to eat and I can help with recipes!! I have a few crock pot options that are delish, but one requires pork (pulled pork) and another ground beef (chili). Good luck!!

hahaha I'm sorry for your lack of butter/behaved children/baby in your belly - but this post was funny!

The ''you're not my favourite mommy'' thing made me laugh a lot - kids are CRUEL!

Camilleta said…
Hahah thanks! Yeah I definitely don't take it personally when my daughter gets grouchy. She's 2, it comes with the job description LOL.
TwinsWithTots said…
Freakin love the real world woes in this post. I feel like this today too...although if I was "knocked up" I think I might need to be committed LOL
Good luck and hope all is well
found you thru VBok and hope you will check us out at
BE well

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