The 4 Day Drought Is Over!

And by drought, I mean lack of husband, not lack of rain. =P Steven is gone every week Monday-Thursday, then during the day Friday, then half of Saturday, so we see him a lot less now and we miss him so much!! I don't know if we'll ever get used to this, it's hard on us, but I will say this... We sure appreciate him a lot more when he is here! Lol, Kaylee just does not want him to go to bed when he gets home after being away for 4 days. The last pictures are of her trying to open his eyes when he was trying to go to sleep! xD And I feel so happy and grateful just to sit down and watch tv together, cuddle, and talk. After everyone goes to bed, it feels so amazing knowing my family is under one roof and sleeping peacefully. Simple things I didn't stop to appreciate before seem like such a gift now. Can't wait to have them again tonight! =)


I am so sorry! I understand you... My husband works long hours and I count the minutes until it is time for him to get home.
Have a great weekend.
Leila said…
Precious post!

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Meg Issacs said…
Oh wow.. that's a lot of hours to be away... I bet you DO treasure time more when he is home.... Adorable photos, thank you for sharing them with us :)
Mandi said…
That's so cute, I love the last few! :D I bet the moments you do get to share are that much better since he's gone for most of the week.

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Enjoy your weekend!

Smile and Mama With Me
Ming said…
visiting from a weekend blog hop. :)

gosh... your girl is so adorable... and i so understand cos when the husband returns from a work trip, all she wants is him. :) read about my girl too at

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