This week was a good week. I think we're finding a good balance and adjusting to Steven being gone half the week. I have to be a lot more organized. I wrote down a daily schedule and it's really helpful. I've managed to keep the house clean and the chores done and everything. I've been spending extra time with Kaylee to help her through missing her dad. We should be straight financially pretty soon with the extra money Steven's making at this new job. And I've been sticking to my exercise routine, yesterday and today anyway. I'm excited about going to The Goddard School next Monday and giving them back the paperwork and paying for Kaylee to start there at the beginning of October. It's going to be so great for her to get out of the house and make some friends and learn new things.

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Michelle said…
Hi Camilleta! I'm glad to hear that it seems to working out so far. It's great that you're spending more time with Kaylee. I'm sure the schedule is not easy on you. It's hard when the hubby's are out of town. Congrats on keeping up with your workouts! And thanks for stopping by the Sit and Relax hop again!
Tania B said…
Hello from your newest GFC follower. I found you from the Spicey Weekend Hop. I would love it if you could follow me back via GFC at Horseshoes.


That's great that you've been able to stick to your schedule. It's amazing how much more we can get done when we have good routines in place, isn't it? :)

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