You Know What They Say... Blogging Is Cheaper Than A Therapist!

Three people I know have had babies this month. I'm so excited for them, but it's a little hard for me because this month would have been the due date, had I not had the miscarriage. We're going to meet Steven's new little brother tomorrow, if all goes well. I can't wait, but I am dreading it a little, because I really don't want to burst into tears in front of everyone. I really hate people feeling sorry for me. I wish I was pregnant again and we all just forgot about the miscarriage and we could move on... I wish I could feel grateful for having one beautiful, healthy child... I guess I just need more time to sift through my feelings and figure everything out.

I know I said that this was a family friendly blog, but miscarriage is a part of my life, and I can't censor it out... If anyone finds it offensive, they can delete me from the family friendly blog hops, no hard feelings. <3 I just really need to write about it. This blog is truly better than any therapist I've ever had, hahah. Really, death is a part of life, there's no way we can shield even the youngest of children from it. I had to explain to my 2 year old that the baby in mommy's tummy went Heaven instead of came out to live with us. And I will have to explain it to her if our elderly dog dies. She has to learn sometime, I can't sugarcoat it for her, that would be lying. She'd never trust me again once she found out. Well, that's how I feel about it anyway. That's the way I was raised. Alrighty, I feel much better now after venting. Steven is coming home today after being away for work most of the week, so that will definitely cheer me up! Why do I always have the urge to sign off on blog posts by saying "over and out?" o_O


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