Tips For New Bloggers

Here are some things I wish I knew when I had started blogging a few months ago.

In order to find a good medium between posting often enough but not making empty posts, it's helpful to write down ideas in a note pad throughout the day. Trust me, you are NOT going to remember that ingenious thought later when you sit down to blog.

Take off the captcha that is required when someone posts on your blog. I'm not alone in thinking it's annoying, I've seen buttons for a society just based on being against blog post captchas.

If an animated image you put in a post isn't working, try editing the post, clicking on the image, and choosing "full image size" or "original image size" or whatever. It took me a half an hour to figure this out once. -_-

If you are following 300 followers already and it won't let you add anymore, you can still add them through the Google Friend Connect (GFC) widget. A backup button that links straight to following your GFC is good too because that widget has a habit of not loading and some people don't have the patience to refresh until it shows up.

Make all your follow buttons easy to find, all together, and preferably near the top. If someone has to search all over, they may not notice you have a Facebook, or a NetworkedBlogs, or whatever. Plus it's just nice not to make people have to work to follow you.

I suggest writing in a more interactive way than as if you were keeping a private journal. Often, if I feel like I stole someone's diary, I feel awkward commenting. If they ask questions like, "Has anyone else ever felt that way before?" and in general write as if they are friends with the reader, I feel more natural and comfortable commenting.

If someone follows you, try to follow them back. If someone comments you, try to comment them back. It's blogging courtesy. And no empty comments. Make the extra effort to be sincere and thoughtful, people really appreciate it! I mean, you want those comments in return, don't you? =)

Networking is extremely important. Participate in blog hops, follow people, comment them, and branch out. You can't expect to just blog and have a huge following like BAM. You can't really expect everyone else to find you in the large sea of blogs and do all the work with nothing in return.

Don't focus on networking TOO MUCH. Remember, post regularly. But yeah, not empty posts. If you got nothing to say, try posting something from the past like a cute picture of your kid or dog or ferret or car or whatever, something. I post poetry when I have nothing to say on my blog. It is ok to go a few days without posting, but try to post at least a couple times a week. If I visit a blog and there's no post since 2 weeks ago, I assume they have abandoned their blog.

Always proofread and double-check to make sure links work and everything looks right.

Here are a few tutorials I found very helpful:

Add Social Networking Buttons To Your Blog/Site

GFC Follow Button

Happy blogging, everyone!


Great post! Thanks for coming by A Creative Harbor ~ think you will enjoy making Soul Collage Cards ~ when you have enough they then can be used for readings (like Tarot cards) ~ enjoy the day ~ Awesome blog!
This post was so helpful, I just started blogging and found you through Mama-Press Blog Hop Monday's. I was wondering, if once a week posting was too much and you helped answer that. Perfect timing for the post (at least it was for me)

Thanks for all the info. I agree with the empty comments. I HATE when people write following you now, follow me back. it makes me want to scream! If the person follows me great if not no biggy! I also dislike captcha! So annoying! :)

have a good one!
Jennifer said…
Thanks so much for writing this! I'm new to blogging and this really helped me. Still have to get GFC up and running on my blog - I'm with wordpress though, so it is a little bit more difficult...but not impossible. Thanks again for sharing this valuable information!
shannon said…
Great tips, I am always learning new stuff.
Christy said…
Great tips! I have been blogging for about 6 months or so now...but continue to read tips where ever I find never know what you may learn. ;) Your newest follower!

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