I go through these stages of wanting to post a lot and not wanting to post at all. So I figured at the times when I didn't feel like writing, I'd post a poem instead. =) It doesn't really have a name. I wrote it last year about my husband. ♥


you're as steady as the earth
your spirit never breaks
you're the one who keeps me standing
whenever my world quakes

the fire in your hands
burns right through my shell
you make me feel alive again
and bring me back from hell

your voice is flowing water
washing away my fear
you overwhelm me with acceptance
and make the pain disappear

your love fills the air between us
impossibly pure and sweet
i breathe you in and hope you know
my heart needs you to beat

Click here to go to the rest of my poetry. :)


Cami said…
what a great idea, girl!!! love this :) very sweet poem, too!

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life

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