My Weekend

We went to my cousin, Bev's birthday party night before last. It was fun. I pet her dog, cats, ferret, and bearded dragon. =D Kaylee played with Gavin (Bev's son) the whole time and was so sad to leave him. He's so good with her. You don't usually meet 12 year old boys that are so good with toddlers.

Then yesterday we went to Zeke's (my brother in high school) baseball game. They won! =) When he came off the field and hugged Kaylee,  a few girls on the bleachers squealed lol. Apparently nieces are great chick magnets. Then we all went home and Zeke and Grandma spent the night. A little later on, when everyone's awake, I'm sure we'll have some family time. =) It's not too rare but since most of the family lives about an hour away, it's not as common anymore.

There would probably be pictures, but Steven took the camera with him. He's staying at his mom's, since he had work there Friday and went to Oktoberfest yesterday. He's coming home today though, I can't wait!! I hope he had fun, relaxed, and feels recharged. I know he doesn't get many breaks and I'm so glad he hung out with some friends and hopefully had a great time. I haven't really talked to him since I haven't replaced the phone I left out in the rain yet. >=(

In other news, I've been thinking and I think I want to change my major. Majoring in Animal Behavior does not help me be a dog trainer, to put it simply. It's mostly science, biology and whatnot. I hate dissecting frogs and learning about neurons and stuff like that. I think the main thing I can do to work on being a dog trainer is to start getting more hands on experience. And as for my major, I'm considering photography or some sort of literature now... I'll have to think about it more.


Stacie said…
You seemed to be just a test blog today - then here you are on Tiki Hut. I wouldn't like the disections either but it seems that it would give you more credibility in future. Have a good day.
Angie said…
Hi there! just stopping by to say HI and thanks for joining us on the hop!

Just followed you back!
Cinnamon said…
I always dreaded the frog thing for biology class in High School. Don't know if I was absent, or what the deal was....but I never had to do one. I wouldn't want to. Heck, I run off the road trying to keep from hitting opposums, and everyone knows that the best way to keep from hitting one is to AIM for it...LOL

Thanks for stopping by the Tiki Hut today. Come back soon.
Mrs. Marine said…
Thanks for participating in “Stalk Hop Friday”! I'm Following you on GFC as Mrs. Marine! Sorry it took me so long to stop by.
"Stalk Hop Friday" posts every Thrusday at 5 PM Eastern!
LambAround said…
Thanks for your comment on my blog! Pica is a Jack Russell (she's supposedly a miniature - but she weighs over 25lbs!) and we think Biscuit is a Yorkie/Chihuahua.
Have a super week :)

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